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1. Q. What does the term "biodegradable" mean and what are      biodegradable products?

A.       Biodegradable means products that can be naturally broken down or digested by microbial (biological) activity. Biodegradable products are products derived from Organic, Non-Toxic sources. 

2. Q.   Will Pure Clean as Chemical / Degreaser emit unpleasant fumes?

A.       No. Pure Clean is free of toxity, environmental friendly and comes with winter fresh odor. 

3. Q.    Is Pure Clean cost effective?

A.        Pure Clean being liquid concentrate with Ph of 12.9 is dilutable with water (D.M / D.L / Potable) as a standard ratio of 1:20, 1:30 etc. (depending upon the washing equipment, contaminants etc.) the life of the solution is greatly enhanced to four times or over as compared to caustics by recycling and maintaining the pH value. 

Disposal is simple without going through expensive effluent treatment- remove oil particles (oil skimming and filtering) ,bring down the pH value to local regulations (add vinegar / lime / spent acid ) and drain through sewer system. It is not practical to make use of the used solution, after removing oil and particles, for cleaning the shop floor and machine surfaces having oil or grease. 

Pure Clean eliminates expensive effluents treatments, ensure clean environment free of toxity, enhances life of a equipment, safe working conditions for the operator, is a single media of all cleaning needs for metals-ferrous and non-ferrous, plastic and rubber components, less space for storage of drums, because of dilution and life, less cost on transport, storage and insurance and it has indefinite shelf life. 

All these factors will bring about substantial cost savings by using Pure Clean Industrial Cleaner/ Degreaser. 

4. Q.    How to get extended or optimum life of Pure Clean?

A.      The life of the cleaner can be prolonged by proper temperature control,    periodic removal of oil and grease, use of deionized water in initial solution make up to avoid mineral build up, periodic pH checks with restoration of solution to its initial concentration on dilution (For every drop of 0.1 in pH, and 0.15 %  of total  tank volume with Pure Clean concentration to restore pH value)  

 5. Q.   Is Pure Clean suitable for all metals?

A.       It is safe for all metals, ferrous and non-ferrous. Pure Clean has found favour in many applications, every thing from cleaning and steel gears to cleaning titanium and the possible applications for Pure Clean is endless. We would be pleased to discuss any special  applications to do the cleaning job, better and less expensively, without the harmful effects to the work place or employees. 

 6. Q.   What are the contaminants that can be removed and effectiveness of cleaning?

A.       Soil such as dust, fingerprints, lube oil, water-soluble oil, silicone grease and petroleum grease can be removed from monel, copper, mild steel, aluminium and phosphor bronze. Cleanliness was determined by estimating the surface energy of metal coupons before and after cleaning.  

 7. Q.   When Pure Clean Cleaner/Degreaser needs to be disposed of?

 A.       When Pure Clean refuses to clean even after adding the concentrate and pH does not rise



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