Eco Friendly, Safe, and Cost Effective Cleaning Solutions
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PURE CLEAN Highly effective and economical Industrial Cleaner and Degreaser of oil, grease, dirt and loose burr etc. for all Metals - Ferrous and Non-Ferrous.  Volumes of products can be cleaned meeting or exceeding the cleanliness required, ensuring all-round safety.

SURE CLEAN Very Effective and Industrial Cleaner for ferrous and non-ferrous products with less residue and no foaming even at high jet pressure washing.  This product will do heavy duty and medium duty cleaning with its lower pH value of 11.

TRANS PLUS 1704 - Bimetal and Multi Metal Cleaner, near Neutral pH cleaner, effective for cleaning heavy grease and oils, low foaming rinse-free and widely used for  cleaning of soft metal like aluminum and aluminum and steel (Bimetal) and Brass components.  Ensures free of discolourisation and stain mark.  Effective rust inhibitor.

SUPREME CLEAN PLUS Heavy duty Alkaline wash cleaner designed for the Heavy and Light soils in Industry.  Penetrates carbon, oil and grease much faster than the conventional chemicals. Can remove buffing, polishing, lapping compounds and effective in removing many types of paints when used in spray washer.

INDUSTRIAL metaL CLEANER #1 Meant for removing tough and tenacious soils in steel, iron, stainless steel, nickel, copper and brass.

Alkaline spray Wash Cleaner for Ferrous Metals.  Removes most straight cutting oils, press working fluids, honing oils and metal working fluids.

LIFT QUICK Neutral pH Cleaner, Residue free, meant for parts and products which cannot tolerate usage of acid or high alkaline cleaners.  No discolourisation, no stain mark on cleaned products- effective in floor cleaning applications also, including mechanized floor cleaners.

      Most powerful cleaning and Degreasing Solutions. 

      All round Safety Operator, Environment and Equipment 

 Cost Advantage will accrue through Dilution, Recirculation and Enhanced Life of the Solution. 

      Not harmful to personnel or equipment 

      No special handling or ventilation system is necessary 

      Shelf life is over ONE YEAR 

      Cleaning products do not contain chlorinated hydrocarbons, Aromatic compounds, nitrites or other carcinogenic materials. 

      Disposal of used solutions is simple without expensive effluent treatment. 

      Cleaning chemicals are chosen based on soil and substrate to be cleaned. 

      U.S. Products coming from an ISO-9001/2000 Certified Organization. 

      Products available Ex.Stock, Chennai and supplied Just In Time (JIT). 

    Single cleaning media for all types of Washing Immersion type, Spray type, Ultrasonic Cavitations. 

Also offer Defoamer Anti-foaming compound and Metal Gard, a Rust Inhibitor for experiod of rust/corrosion protection. 

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